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Ablees by Nimra Ahmed

Ablees is a short novel written by our Famous Writer Nimra Ahmed. She has written many stories which are very popular in her readers. But Ablees is little bit different story from other one’s.

It is not a romantic story, it’s the awareness specially for the girls. Ablees is the story of girl who was impressed by her male teacher. No doubt he was favorite of all students due good moral values and the way of his teaching. In the story of Ablees Nimra Ahmed tells us that there is an Ablees (Devil) in everyone. And it will attack us when ever we stand away from our Iman and Sunnah and it will ruin our whole life. So its a very amazing story that how a girl assaulted by his teacher who was her most favorite and she think about him that he is the best person around the world but what the reality was! Read complete Ablees novel here on Novels Collection. And don’t forget to share it with your Friends n Family.

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