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Dasht e Arzoo By Iqra Sagheer Ahmed

Dasht e Arzoo another great novel in our collection which is written by famous female writer Iqra sagheer Ahmed. She has written many books and all are very famous because of her writing style and the way in which she is talking to very impressive for the readers. Dasht e Arzoo is a novel about love, care, affection and the relationships.

The story of the novel is about two sisters who have different natures. And a very cruel thing of our society is describes in this novel Dasht-e-Arzoo like how a girl in our society is alone and weak. If she doesn’t have the shadow of father and husband she is alone and the world think that it is now our property.

Novel is about time and our relations, how our relations got destroy and we have to deal with them as they are important to live. It is also a love story, sort of romantic, full of love and emotions. It is about the shyness and manners of girls which make them a most beautiful person of this world. Characters of this novel are Minal, Kiran, Hamza, Ans,Zulnoon, Hooraina and few others.

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