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Dil Ik Shehr e Junoon By Asia Mirza

Dil Ik Shahr e Junoon is another famous and interesting novel by novelist Asia Mirza. She wrote many other famous novels such as “Kuj Menu Maran Da Shauq Vi Si” & “Dil Darya Sumandroon Dhoongy”.

In Dil Ik Shahr e Junoon Asia Mirza describes the draw backs our society toward the poor people. Like if anyone is in power will takes the advantage of it and totally forgot about his responsibilities which are necessary to fulfill otherwise he will be caught in the life as well as afterlife in front of Allah.

Dil Ik Shahr e Junoon is the story that pride always fell down. Also there is a important thing which is describe in the novel that is about our youth which is going on in the wrong way to become known personality or to be rich in days. They totally forget the sense of good and the evil, they are just doing what ever charming to them. They are actually not able to get what they demand so they choose wrong way.

Dil Ik Shahr e Junoon is also a kick on minds that what our politicians are doing, as they hire some of youngsters who get ready to do everything for the sake of money without knowing what they are actually doing. And this is the tragic situation of nation. So in the sense its a great novel by Asia Mirza.

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