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Guman by Nimra Ahmed

Guman is one of a short story written by Nimra Ahmed. Nimra Ahmed is a great writer and has written many of the stories like, Namal, Mushif, Jannat Pattay, Ahmaq Tamashai and many others.

Guman story is about a girl who was not satisfy to anything her cousin who was fell in love with her girl decided to teach a lesson to her. He thought maybe she become a batter person in that way. The best thing about the story Guman Is it being romantic as well as funny story too. The girl’s role is very impressive, when she came to know that she is being fooled by him, first she was very angry but later she realized that she was on mistake.

The best thing about Nimra’s novel is the flow of reading the magical affect which tied a person and engage with the story. Very good story to read. Must read and share.

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