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Had by Nimra Ahmed

Another great Islamic Novel Had written by Nimra Ahmed. Story of the novel Had is very interesting as it belongs to the values and things which are related to the religious orders given by Allah for the various things. Story of Had is based on a girl who claimed to a person that she was his daughter and he hide the relationship of his and her mother form the world so now she is here to get the part of the property.

The situation was very pity. Our Islam has bound us in limits (Had) and order us not to cross such limits, and those who cross them, got punishment. This story is also about the same. Very interestingly the story of Had by Nimra Ahmed. The end of the story is that the girl was telling a lie. And when she admitted that she is fake and they all doing drama to trap him they got punished per the rule of Islam. Must read and share complete story Had by Nimra Ahmed.

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