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27 Home Based Career Making Ideas for Pakistani Women

Small Business ideas for women. Purpose we are writing this article is only to empower our Pakistani Women, You can mostly find online earning ways for all but there is so much less information available online for our Pakistani Women who sit in the home and relay on his father, husband income. Now a days things are changing and new easier ways of businesses are becoming popular.  If you are a Pakistani Women, a house wife and want to start a home based earning, you can go through our Pakistani Women Earning ideas. We will be discussing them in more details and will also try to amend it time to time with more latest ways.

business ideas for women

1. Food lancer
If you are a cooking expert and love to cook for others then it’s the field for you. Here you can earn handsome by cooking for persons who are away from their home. Like in big cities people work in their office away from their home, there they need best home cooked food which could be their first choice instead of hoteling. Thing you have to do is to find such places where your customers are, then make some publicity material and promote yourself there. You also need to arrange one or more delivery guys who can deliver food where needed.

2. Freelancer
Word freelancer is no famous among young generation. If you are not aware of the term then we let you know a brief on it. If you have any skill in IT industry such as website development, writing, blogging, online marketing, designing, data entry etc then you can go online and find some work online for you. Some famous online freelancer work platforms are freelancer, fiver, odesk etc (Useful links are mentioned at the bottom of this article.)

3. Become a Blogger
If you have skills in writing, you can start your own blog on any topic. For this you have to decide what topic you like the most then you can start from free blogging platforms such as BlogSpot or WordPress then you can come as professional blogger with your own domain name. There you can write about your favorite topic, inform other world about your views. If you can write with unique information and quality content then you can earn allot. For earning you can go for Google AdSense program, which help all newcomers in this industry. (Useful links are mentioned at the bottom of this article.)

4. Online Teaching
Now a days things are going online, where students can learn online in their own free time. In that industry there is no boundaries where people spread their knowledge from all over the world. And seekers can get knowledge of all ages with few clicks. You can also be part of this industry like with YouTube, Website Blog where you can record your lectures and these platforms can give you earning as well.

Otherwise you can promote yourself and take online live classes as well. Like you might be familiar about Online Quran teaching to abroad students where local Islamic Teachers are not available. Such teachers can earn for their per minutes / hours sessions. (Useful links are mentioned at the bottom of this article.)

5. Selling Products online
Now a day’s social media is getting popular day by day. Everyone have one in their pockets, yes you are right I am talking about mobile phone. There are many hot selling items which are not available online or at least available for much costly prices. And in some cases things only available in congested areas where you need a special time to go and visit. Another case is some time people in small cities won’t know about things available in big cities even in lowest price. Like in Pakistan, Karachi and Lahore have such markets where you can see multiple items which are not often available everywhere in whole country. Despite of these things you can still sell local household items online, because in that cage time is money.

People have no time to go for hours of shopping, there you can come in and arrange a list of items on reasonable price and sale them online. You can use Facebook as platform or OLX or your own website as well. There are several courier companies who are providing Cash on Delivery service where your product and its price both goes in safe hands and you get its pay back on time. Such case study is very popular now days and people are running their online stores from their home. (Useful links are mentioned at the bottom of this article.)

6. Arts and Crafts Products
Same as above you can use online selling platform for selling items online. But here we are coming one step further and discussing if you have some skills and produce some Arts and Crafts at your home. You must use your skills and come on Facebook / Own Website to promote your home made items. Believe me these will be sold out so quickly. (Useful links are mentioned at the bottom of this article.)

7. Beauty Parlor
This is also a part of home based job where you can sit relax at your own place and can work easily with your own terms. You can start doing makeover for your own family members then your friends or neighbors etc… That can make you popular in the area and you will be getting real customers in no time. For that you can go and do some professional courses too. Now days there are several institutes who are have beautician’s courses.

8. Tuition Center
One of the old age profession that is so popular in everywhere. Education is profitable profession now a days just because low standard of education is being given in the schools. For that reason students still need to cover up their lack of knowledge from those tuition centers.

9. Affiliate Marketing
Looking for a way to earn a massive income monthly! Why don’t you find famous products you love and introduce to your friends / fellow audience and earn from the affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing you can promote products on different platforms such as on your own blog / website and can earn commission on each sale you make. For that you can consult with the top online websites in your country such as Daraz in Pakistan and many other as well.

10. Consultant
Don’t you think there could be consultants in any field! You can be a consultant of any field of your choice such as Beautician Consultant, Education Consultant, Subject wise consultant etc. You can start your own YouTube channel and make some informative videos on any topic in which you think you can be expert. Share your views, experiences with your audience and build your online subscribers for daily sessions online. That will definitely make you popular and also give you a handsome earning too.

11. E-Book Writer
Writing a book was never too easy, but writing an E-Book is bit easier than our traditional books system. Now a days people are reading online literature rather than buying real books in hard form. New generation of this age prefer online reading for this authors are also converting them for writing E-Books.

There is a chance for you to write your own book, not for hundreds of pages, you can write about any topic of your own choice in any amount of pages i.e Children Books, Self Help Books, Romance Stories, Cooking series etc. That will definitely increase your skills and you can earn allot by selling your E-Books online.

12. Event Planner
Think broad minded and do something new and creative. If you have skills of decorating, planning then you can be an event planner as well.

You can start planning from your family events and grow yourself from weddings, birthday parties to baby showers and retirement parties, Event Planners handle the details of location, budget, lodging, decorations, entertainment, food, beverages, transportation, activities, invitations and the like.

13. Fashion Consultant
Do you have a passion for fashion! And would you love to have your own fashion boutique but having funds issues! Don’t worry now days online e-commerce industry already made it easier. You can work from your home, fulfil your dreams easily. Design your dreams and sell them in no time by online social media then promote your own brand and you can have your own website too.

Now a days Pakistan have several options to help such home based businesses such as Delivery options, payment collection was never so easy. So what you are waiting for! (Useful links are mentioned at the bottom of this article.)

14. Financial Planner
Do you have a strong financial background and knowledge? Financial planners assist individuals with important investment decisions such as retirement, college, stock purchases, major life events and more. That could be best starter for a new business and your experience too. Which in the end make you a professional.

15. Food Creator
Are a food lover! not talking about eater 🙂 You can make different kind of food, present it well, sell it to earn. Yes if you good taste in your hands then you can do that magic easily. Make something special and new then introduce it in the market. Anything that you can make at your home, something different at small scale. You can sell it by online or by local stores too.

16. Graphic Designer
Playing with graphics excite you! Come and make your online presence in the field of Graphic Designing. There are several online platforms where you can get work as starter then you can find your local clients. That could be a small to large scale brand for them you can give your services part time or full time. i.e Advertisements, Websites, Business Logo, Business Cards, Album Covers etc

17. House Cleaning
Do you hate dirt and grime? Offer cleaning services to friends, families, and neighbors, ranging from laundering clothing and house cleaning, to meal prep and washing windows. You can also post your cleaning services on bulletin boards and local newspapers.

18. Independent Tour Guide
Are you a traveler and love to show people around? Share your passion for your city, state or community on Viable. Guides could be foodies, art buffs, historians, nature lovers – just show out of town guests a good time and a unique and one of a kind experience. Guides determine their own price for their services.

19. Interior Designer
If you have such skills to go in the Interior designing business then its superb business to do. Otherwise you can start designing your own home and learn first then start it as a passion and business. You can help people around for their home based decorations, companies for their offices. Find your customers who need perfect designing ideas in budget range.

20. Internet Researcher
If you know the skills of fining anything on the internet then this work could be for you. There are several people who don’t have much time for such work. You can work for them to arrange best and appropriate product results online. For that you can go for online websites for freelancing work. I.e Find a list of motorcycle manufacturers in Australia, of make a list of restaurants available in a specific country or city etc.

21. Marketing Specialist
In country like Pakistan there are more jobs for sales persons where they need highly qualified persons with marketing skills. Now a days you can use such skills not only at your job but in your own home based business. You can write about what is marketing, you can do affiliate marketing, give online sessions on marketing, help people around for marketing of different natures and services that you can provide are endless, and all depend on your specific niche and background experience.

22. Massage Therapist
As we have discusses about beauty parlor already, Massage treatments can also be jointly or separately started as a professional business from your own home. If you have such skills then you make your own packages and give such services to your ladies customers. That business can be run along with Beauty Parlor and can be run without it as well.

23. Personal Stylist
If you love to be like a fashion model, you can start teaching those skills to others. By taking online classes or by running a local agency for that, you can earn a handsome income through that. It’s a vlogging age; you can start your YouTube channel and show your styles to others. i.e hair styles, fashion styles, dresses, shoes, makeup etc

24. Personal Trainer
Same as above you can share your fitness skills with your audience and can earn a handsome income. Help others and motivate them to achieve their goals with your experience, knowledge and motivation.

25. Pet Groomer
Do you love animals? Assist pet owners with keeping their animals looking and feeling their best. Now a day’s people in Pakistan are adopting this as passion and having several pets in their homes. But move a one step forward and start guiding and educating others for how to treat animals, their food, their medication etc.

26. Photographer
Do you have a distinguishing eye? Then use your talent to take photos for others – family photos, kids, pets, weddings, special events and professional head-shots.

Need more ideas! Start your agency and provide professional services in photography, movie making, ad shooting, documentaries, cinematic video making etc.

27. Professional Organizer
Are you organized? Be a professional organizer and help people to organize their home, offices to increase the functionality, productivity and decrease stress and chaos. Need more ideas! Be an Event Organizers, decor the parties and events.


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