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Ishq Ka Qaaf by Amjad Javed

Ishq Ka Qaaf by Amjad Javed. Its about spiritualism and real love with Allah. Everyone in this world has someone to love. Love of Allah is the real love and it has the taste which increases with the passage of time and it realize that now there is no need of anything.

Ishq Ka Qaaf is about three characters who found their love with the different meaning but when they start their journey of love then they came to know that it has the taste which will never end.

Amjad Javed who is the writer of Isaq Ka Qaaf is a young university student was in love with Farzana. But Farzana was madly in love with the boy Ali but he never showed any kind of interest. It was against the nature of girl she was very rich she hired some kind of kidnappers and kidnapped that friend.

Here the story of this novel begins, when they reached to the desert of Cholistan. Ishq Ka Qaaf is about how can we meet Allah and the only way is love. Love is the meaning to sacrifice your body, mind and soul towards your lover. The same case was happened to all of them in this novel and then they found their destiny.

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