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Ishq Ka sheen Part 3 By Aleem-ul-Haq Haqqi

Ishq ka Sheen is a great novel which is written by Aleem-ul-Haq Haqqi. Ishq ka Sheen has three parts and we will publish its all parts gradually one by one. This novel is about true Love of Allah, its about there is always something or someone who tries to bring us closer to Allah.

And then we start thinking that we can’t live without that person but actually Allah’s order is to reach Allah directly which means we can reach Allah if we has some will in us and this is called the virtual Love. Which teach us how we can go near to Allah and find our real love and peace.

Ishq ka Sheen is an interesting novel about a boy who was born as Hindu (Non – Muslim) but his destiny has decided to turn him into a Muslim. Basically it is a story which tells us the history of sub-continent and what had happened to get the country. Ishq ka Sheen is all about the sacrifices and spirits and some of the bad dreams what were came to people in real. If there was a happiness to have separate country, there was grieves and sorrows too. Killing innocent people and assaulting of girls were unbelievable.

On the other hand, this Ishq ka Sheen story of Thakur Avatar Singh who became when he heard the reciting of Quran. In his childhood he refuses to take his mother’s feed and fed by a Muslim woman. Allah has planned everything for him. Ishq ka Sheen is a story that how a dark heart become bright and then brighter. Very inspirational, emotional and amazing novel it is. It is very good novel to read. Read Ishq ka Sheen complete by Aleem-ul-Haq Haqqi

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