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Kaho Mery Chand Say By Shafaq Iftikhar

Novel Kaho Mery Cahnd Say is written by writer Shafaq Iftikhar. As per my reading history this is the best romantic story i have ever read. The chemistry of the story between boy and girl is awesome, however the girl doesn’t like the boy and surprisingly this boy is her husband too. The story of Kaho Mery Cahnd Say is about a girl who was fully egocentric and hates her husband.

But the boy has true love with her and never left the struggle and he at last and win her heart with his love. By the way its not actually their fault, its our tribal system, old traditions and they cannot live without it. But as time passes, she realize that she was wrong and missed the love and care of her husband. She admit her mistakes and apology for it. Must read and share Kaho Mery Cahnd Say by Shafaq Iftikhar.

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