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La Pata by Nimra Ahmed

La Pata is famous and entertaining novel story by Nimra Ahmed based on a little sensitive topic. Nimra Ahmed has the quality of writing that whatever she writes has its own specialty. If she writes something romantic, then you will feel the crush and if she writes something emotional you will feel the tears in your hearts. The very special thing is she writes on all the topics.

In La Pata Nimra Ahmed describes the capture of the children and young men that in previous few years has aroused too quick. This novel La pat is that the story of girl World Health Organization lost her 2 children on husband. They were returning from the Musjid when giving the prayer of Juma however they abducted and ne’er came back. Another character during this novel could be a boy World Health Organization was terribly suspicious that woman that World Health Organization she is and why she is therefore quiet. He was fascinated by her life however she refused him to continue her life. on-line browse La Pata by Nimra Ahmed.

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