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Raqs e Junoon Novel By Bushra Saeed

Raqs e Junoon novel written by Bushra Saeed is requested by one of our Namal Facebook Fan.

Here is a short review for this novel:
Its based on a amazing story which is based on two girls and believes on Allah. It is also a love story but it also warns the limits. Another important thing about this novel is that everyone can get Allah but for this one should involve self in God.

Raqs e Junoon is the story of girl who forgets herself in the love of Allah. Actually she wanted to apologize Allah for her previous deeds and then she just became saint. When we further dig into the novel then found it actually a story about two girls one Jasia and second Ayesha. Jasia loved a Christian boy and she was ready to leave everything for him. But the boy Onil forces her to pretend herself a Christian. He lied that he became Muslim but actually he didn’t.

The second girl Ayesha was really very close to Allah she was regular in prayers. But an accident happened to her and she thought that Allah forget her. Raqs e Junoon is the story of people who are in love with Allah. Bushra Saeed very impressively describes all the things about our society and nature of people that how others pretend when they came to know that some wrong thing happened to someone. In short this amazing written novel will take you to the magical world and after reading this story you will found yourself near to Allah. Very amazing and heart touching novel by Bushra Saeed.

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