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Shaina By Razia Butt

Shaina By Razia Butt is a distinctive and special novel. Razia Butt is a nice author and wrote several famed novel as, Aiena, Samina, Najia Bano electro convulsive therapy. This Novel Shaina additionally tells that Islam a good looking faith has created a number of the boundaries for man and lady and once they forget and tries to cross it there’s disaster everyplace. Shaina is all concerning the religion and trust of a beautiful relationship referred to as wedding. it’s the relation within the world that is that the most stunning and powerful because the smell of red rose or it are often worst enough like crown of thrown. Shaina the novel name has the entire description in itself as a result of it’s the name of the most lady of this novel. Shaina was a really stunning and spirited lady. Shaina and her husband was living terribly with happiness and every one was set however one black day come back to their lives and destroy all once Shaina create her husband cheat. terribly stunning story it’s author Razia Butt terribly exactly describes that however one will burn within the hearth of acutely aware. Lady lost everything once she loses the self-esteem and therefore the dignity. Shaina additionally lost her dignity thanks to her foolishness.

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